Please HELP retrieving ADA from Yoroi Chrome due to a hacked Trezor

My ADA is stored on Yoroi Chrome extension which is connected with my Trezor for validation. My Trezor was recently hacked due to seed phrase being stolen. I have reset my Trezor using the original seed phrase to access my Yoroi wallet but every time I try to withdraw funds, it asks for a passphrase. I never set up a passphrase and using the standard wallet option (without passphrase) gives me the following error message: Could not sign the transaction. Please ensure the passphrase you entered is the passhprase used to create this wallet".

What do I need to do to transfer my funds out of Yoroi given my Trezor is compromised? I tried going to the adalite website and connecting my Trezor with it but it shows a 0 balance on my account. Please help!

Your funds werent stored in Yoroi. The keys you used are stored on your hardware device. If the scammer had access to your keys from your hardware wallet, the would also be able to take the funds you managed with Yoroi.

Hi! But I still see the funds on Yoroi. Can you advise me how I can retrieve them back? I restored my Trezor but it’s not letting me withdraw the funds and asking for a seed phrase which I never setup when signing up for yoroi

That sounds confusing or confused.

So, you have two different seed phrases? Are you sure that the one you reset the Trezor to is the one that was active when you used it to create that Cardano wallet?

If Adalite shows a 0 balance with no transactions and Yoroi says that it cannot sign the transaction it is an indication that either:

  • You used the Trezor configured with a different seed phrase when creating the wallet.
  • Or you did use an additional passphrase when creating the wallet.

Thank you! I did restore Trezor using the old seed phrase…I reset it only this morning after figuring out the back but then realized that my Trezor was still linked to the old Seed. So I restored the device back to using the old seed phrase.
Trezor asks me everything about sending the transaction to an address and then confirming the amount but once I confirm, I get the message about passphrase.

Also I noticed that Trezor after the reset gives me two options now every time I connect. A standard option without seedphrase and one with seedphrase.

I know it’s a bit confusing and apologize for it. I am not even seeing any of my previous transactions with Trezor so not really sure what’s happening!

Not “seedphrase”, but “passphrase”. Those are two totally different and independent things. The seed phrase is the 24(?) word phrase that you use to set up the Trezor and that you then do not have to input again. The passphrase is an additional factor. It was always possible to use that, but it seems they changed the interface to now always ask for it.

If you are sure that you never used that, choose “without” or leave it empty (that should be the same).

But if you do not see the transaction history when pairing the Trezor with Adalite, it seems that something is off.

One possibility (if you have a 24 word seed phrase) is: Trezor supports three different ways to derive keys from the seed phrase. The wallet app has to choose which one. Maybe, Yoroi and Adalite do not choose and they changed the default?

You could try to pair with and see if any of the three give you your wallet. Eternl does allow to choose during pairing:

(Ledger is a bit unlikely. The first two only differ for 24 words or more.)

Thanks a lot - this is incredibly helpful. The transactions I was referring to were in Trezor itself…so after the recovery, the historical BTC or ETH transactions don’t appear in my Trezor suite. I’ve a 12 words seed phrase on Trezor…do you know if Trezor could just restore to a random new wallet if I’m using the incorrect seed or will it just say this phrase isn’t linked to any wallet?

Secondly, even with the current setup, how is Trezor still asking me for all the info (like wallet address and amount and confirmation) if somehow it’s not the right Trezor wallet synched with Yoroi?

Should I just try the website you mentioned an try linking my Trezor to it to see if I see any ADA? Is there a way I could just remove old Trezor, create a new Trezor wallet through factory reset, and then connect it with my yoroi? Or could that just make all the funds disappear?

Lastly, is the passphrase a password or some letters like a seed?

Sorry to bother you with so many question and thanks for all your help! I’m just so devastated having lost a major chunk of my savings due to my Trezor hack!!!

Issue resolved. I was using the wrong Trezor seed! It’s been one of those days :confused: my mind is just not working after that hack!

That’s another indication that you just have the wrong seed phrase.

Or you did use the passphrase functionality. But then you would probably remember regularly having to type in that passphrase.

Then forget my earlier comment about the different key derivations. For less than 24 words there is no difference. (The difference was not intentional, but only due to a bug in Trezor’s Cardano derivation that was only triggered by long seed phrases.)

Seed phrases come from a limited and known set of words and they do contain a checksum. So, you cannot really make simple typos and just exchanging one word will in almost all cases lead to an “invalid seed phrase” message.

But if you use a valid seed phrase that just wasn’t used, an empty wallet will be opened.


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Glad that is resolved.