Recovering ADA

Hi crew. I’m hoping like crazy someone is able to help me!!!
In mid August I purchased a fare amount of ADA. I transferred it across to my Exodus wallet. I then purchased a Trezor Model T as a cold wallet but then found I wasn’t able to transfer it across through Exodus. So I opened a wallet with Yoroi and synced the device.
After a while I thought it was a waste just having it sit there so I decided to move to stake it. But there have been problems with the Yoroi servers and every attempt I made over a 2 week period was unsuccessful. I can’t get any help whatsoever from Yoroi but after seeking help through Cardano groups, people having the same problem said to reinstall Yoroi and restore my Trezor wallet.
I’ve gone ahead and done this to find I have a zero balance which is completely freaking me out!! I’ve checked through Cardano Explorer and the transactions are listed with the correct balance. But I just don’t know what to do and I’m scared I’ve lost my money. I would be so grateful to anyone who could help or at least point me in the right direction
Thank you

You might want to try to connect your Trezor with because Yoroi does have some issues currently.

Check on trezor if u have passphrase option activated and try to disable it, then try again on

When you say you “reinstall Yoroi and restore my Trezor wallet”, do you mean you typed your 24 word recovery phrase (from the Trezor) into Yoroi? That won’t work due to a bug in how Trezor generates Cardano addresses differently from Yoroi. You need to connect your Trezor to Yoroi.