Trezor Wallet restoration (Byron to Shelly Adalite) Zero Balance

Kinda nervous I lost my funds.

I have the address to where my account was and I know the ada is still there but I cannot access them.

I had ADA in my trezor model t since the Byron era, I was able to convert them to the Shelly era in Adalite.

That hardware wallet ended up getting washed in washer and doesn’t work.

Just got new one, restored with the same 12 word private keys I’ve always had, yet zero balance in Adalite.

I don’t understand what to do from here, I converted the ada from Byron to Shelly in the Adalite wallet, I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. Have not reached out to Adalite yet but will, thanks for your feedback and time in advance everyone!

Hi @Filiberto_Carnal,

If I understand you correctly you seem to have created a new shelly wallet in adalite and then transferred your ada from your trezor to that wallet. is that correct?

When you connect your trezor with adalite do you see transactions? The last transaction probably went to a newly created wallet. Could it be that you created non hardware wallet and transferred your ada from trezor walllet to that wallet? maybe you even used daedalus?

If yes, then when you create a non-hardware wallet in adalite/dadalus/yoroi it will give you recovery phrase. Those are other words than your trezor recovery words. you must have retyped them. Didnt you save those words somewhere?

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Hi There i havent checked my Adalite wallet fro some time and having logged on today through my Trezor it showing a zero balance and no transactions, please can you help me get this resoolved, Also to be clear i havent moved or done anything for at least 6 months, do i need to download other wallets ?