Can't access Trezor Model T Adalite Byron wallet for transfer to Shelley address

I’ve done all the basics. Updated Trezor Model T, installed latest trezor bridge, accessing on chrome browser with windows.

The only option I see is a Shelley wallet, and the balance is zero. I want to create a transaction to access my Byron era ADA and transfer to Shelley address, but can’t figure out how to do this.

Can someone please help?

Did u restored your byron wallet in shelley ?

You simply have to create a Shelley wallet in Yoroi + Trezor and then transfer your ada from the Byron wallet to the new Shelley wallet. That’s it.

Does Adalite and Yoroi use the same derivation from the Trezor? I created the Byron wallet in Adalite, and it shows zero balance in Yoroi.

It also shows zero balance in Adalite on the staking screen. Is there perhaps a lookback limit on the Byron address? I sent it to the Trezor/Adalite Byron address over 3 years ago.

do you see any transaction history in byron wallet?
can’ you see the correct address in that wallet?
IF not, could be possible to have other seed words?
maybe those are not the correct ones to where your ada is stored.

there is no byron wallet available to view in Adalite. It is just a single wallet, both in sending and staking.

thank you for your help. I had moved it to a different Daedalus account. I am all set. OK, onto staking now.

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great, glade you are fixed it

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