Byron-era wallet

Hi Community, I have been trying to recover/transfer my ADA from Byron-era wallet to Shelley-era wallet but can’t see the option available when using Yoroi Chrome extension. Can someone help me please

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Tried it, didn’t work

What exactly didnt work? is imo one of the last wallets which provides support for byron wallets.

Sorry but it worked now and I can see my balance. The question is : is it safe to keep it adalite wallet or should I send it to Yoroi Shelley account?

I do recommand to migrate your funds to a shelley wallet, because otherwise you cant delegate your funds to a pool and as i already said before, there are only a very few wallets left support byron wallets.

But of course you could use with a new shelley wallet.

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Thank you very much. You guys saved me from an already long journey full of headache.
But why don’t we receive notifications when such updates happen to wallets !

Thank you agian

You are welcome :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here or reach out to me via DM.

Oh well :ok_hand:, I will

What do you mean @fafraname ?

Hi, I need to recover my ADA from a very old Byron era daedalus wallet. Can I access the old Daedalus using Yoroi or any other wallet? If possible, I would rather not download the entire cardano blockchain in the daedalus wallet. Pls help. thanks.

Yoroi has removed Byron support some months ago.

The only alternatives left for accessing Byron-era wallets are and

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thank you very much for all your help and information.