Sending ADA to Shelley supported wallets

Hello Cardanians

I have ada in my daedalus wallet and want to move a small amount to an external wallet .

However the wallets that I have do not support the Shelley era addr addresses.

Does anyone have a discussion thread on this, particularly converting ada with addr address into usdt.

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If your wallet supports only byron, u can create a byron address in yoroi (chrome extension)

move from daedalus to yoroi byron wallet and after move from yoroi byron to ur external wallet

Try with small amount first time, just in case !


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Thanks I’ll give that a try. A Byron address (ae) is different than the Shelley address (addr).

so you are saying the Shelley address is converted in the yoroi
Byron extension, of which any Byron supported external wallet will accept.

So it’s safe to deposit Shelley into a Byron extension, but I’m assuming there is no retrieval support for this , so it’s an experimental endeavour, correct?

If so, it may be safer to wait for an external wallet that supports Shelley addresses.

No; it’s not experimental! Yoroi offers u the possibility to have byron and shelley wallets.
U don’t need to convert anything… create a byron wallet, send 10 ADA from shelley to byron wallet… and then send them to your external wallet… should work

So sending from my Shelley wallet extension to my Byron wallet extension converts the address into the Byron address format, right?

Nope; yoroi is still connected to the byron network… and it has the possibility to move ada from byron to shelley network and viceversa…but yes, your yoroi byron wallet will have a byron address format

I see . I’ll give it a try w a tiny amount of ada to see how it works.

But as I was saying, most of the larger crypto wallets should be supporting Shelley now or soon. That eliminates a transfer step process.

yes, this is true, but this WA can be applied in cases when your ADA are stuck in a byron exchange for example…
here is a list with exchanges which are supporting shelley