Transferring ADA from a Byron (Icarus-style) era wallet address to a Shelley era wallet address


I want to transfer some ADA from an exchange which uses an Ae2 (Byron era Icarus Style) wallet address to an addr1 (Shelley era) wallet address (Ledger Nano X).
Would there be any issues when transferring the funds because of the difference in the wallet addresses?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, it will not work! If u want to send from byron to shelley ledger then:

  • install yoroi chrome extension
  • add wallet (byron erra) - connect ledger (or u can create a simple byron wallet - add wallet (byron era) - new wallet - bkp the seed words (just in case) till u will move ada to ledger…
  • send few ada for test from exchange to ledger/yoroi byron address
  • if all ok then send all amount
  • then, from ledger/yoroi byron wallet u will can send them to ledger shelley wallet


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This is a bit confusing for me.
Could you please guide me through this in more detail?
I have the yoroi chrome extensions installed and I have connected my Ledger device to it. Now when I go to the Receive tab I can see that I have an address starting with Ae2… which is good.
So now I can transfer the ADA from the exchange to this address.
Then the funds will still be in a Byron wallet. How do I migrate them over to Shelley?

add wallet (byron erra) - connect ledger (or u can create a simple byron wallet - add wallet (byron era) - new wallet - bkp the seed words (just in case) till u will move ada to ledger…

There were 2 options for creating the byron wallet: through ledger or just a simple yoroi walet

You chose through ledger which is good

Now u need to create the shelley wallet - add wallet (shelley era) - connect ledger

After this u will have 2 wallets in yorori - byron and shelley

Copy the receiver address from shelley wallet and paste it to sender address in byron wallet

First time try with a small amount for test!
The flow should be:

exchange (byron) → ledger (byron) → ledger (shelley)

Happy delegation!


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Ok, but then I will still be sending from a byron wallet to a shelley wallet. So wouldn’t this be the same thing as sending directly from the Exchange’s byron wallet to my shelley wallet? Why is the extra step needed?

If the exchange supports shelley u can do it, if not it can’t be possible because there are like 2 networks… yoroi is connected with both but ur exchange maybe it’s not supporting shelley

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Hey, I asked the exchange’s support if I can withdraw directly to a Shelley address and they said that:
“as long as the funds are sent over the ERC-20 network (only available option to withdraw), then the funds should arrive. I would only recommend you to double-check whether the external wallet you’re sending to is able to receive crypto transfers from the ERC-20 Network.”
What do you think, Alex? Can the Shelley wallet address receive transfers from the ERC-20 Network?

as far as I know … . ADA isn’t an ERC20 token. ADA lives on its own unique blockchain on the Cardano Settlement Layer. Mainnet has been up and running since October 2017

what exchange are u using?

I’m using the mobile app. I told the support person the same thing, as I was intrigued and she told me this:
“not each and every token is necessarily an ERC-20 token, however, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be transferred over. As long as the tokens can be processed via the mentioned network (which you can usually find out from the sending wallet) then you shouldn’t have any issues at all”

And as it turns out, I was wrong is assuming that the address where I deposit ADA which starts Ae2… is the same address from which the tokens will be sent out when doing a withdrawal, according to this link: Crypto Withdrawals - general information | Help Center ;
Now I have no clue from which wallet my tokens will be sent out when I withdraw them…

I see supports shelley

Try to send 2-3 ada to ur ledger shelley wallet and check if the funds will arrive;


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Thanks a lot for all your help! It worked.

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Happy delegation!