Exchange doesn't support ADA withdrawals to a Shelley format wallet

Exchange doesn’t support ADA withdrawals to a Shelley format wallet. I installed Daedalus and Yoroi wallets. Both of them have a Shelley format address (start with: addr1s…). I was told by the support I can can only withdraw to Byron wallets (DdzFFzCqrh… or Ae2tdPwUPEZ).

I want to stake ADA in my Daedalus wallet. What should I do? Wait till they develop awithdrawal support? Transfer to some Byron wallet and than to Daedalus from it? What about fees?

Completely new to Cardano, please, help :slight_smile:


What exchange do u use? It looks like it doesn’t support shelley?


Hello! It is


Try this for test (first time with only 5-10 ADA)

Install yoroi chrome extension

  • reate a new byron wallet (bkp the 15 seed words)
  • send few ADA from exchange to yoroi byron wallet
  • send ada from yoroi byron wallet to daedalus shelley wallet
  • check if the ADA arrived to daedalus shelley wallet

I checked and yoroi mobile app doesn’t allow to create new byron wallets (only to restore)

Another option is to convert your ADA on exchange to another token, then transfer to another exchange which supports cardano shelley network, convert the token to ADA and send to daedalus


Thanks for the reply. I have already installed Yoroi (Firefox extension) and the created wallet is Shelley. I will try to create a new wallet and see if I can select a Byron address. So my steps are:

  1. In My Wallets tab I clicked “Add a wallet”
  2. Selected “Create a wallet”
  3. Picked “Cardano” platform
  4. Picked “Create wallet” and went through the process

It created Shelley wallet once again. No option to create a Byron one was present.

Are there any other options to create a Byron wallet?

Never use that exchange again. Not supporting Shelley after two years is a huge red flag.

You can do that, but it won’t be easy. As far as I know, no wallet app supports the creation of new Byron wallets anymore.

You can “restore” a Byron wallet with your Shelley seed phrase. Then, you would have two wallets – one Shelley, one Byron – with that seed. It will give you a Byron wallet, for which you know the address(es) as well as the seed. When the ADA from the exachange has arrived there, you can use Yoroi’s “Claim/Transfer” option to get them to your Shelley wallet.

In addition to the fees by the exchange, the “Claim/Transfer“ will be ca. 0.17 ADA to move them to the Shelley wallet.

Going through a restore on Yoroi there is a “Byron-era (read-only) wallet” option. What does “read-only” mean? Will I be able to withdraw funds from it?

Nope, u will can’t submit transactions on read-only mode

I suppose that you cannot use it normally, then. You would just use it to have a Byron address, for which you know the seed phrase.

But: You then have a Byron wallet and you know the seed phrase for it. So, you can (after the ADA have arrived) use “Claim/Transfer” from your Shelley wallet. It is the third button on the left. You will choose “Byron”, “Icarus/Yoroi” and “15 words”, there.

It worked, thanks a lot!!!

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