How to create a Byron era wallet address to remove funds from exchange that only supports Byron?

Exactly as the title says. An exchange I was using only supports removing funds to a Byron era wallet address. They do not support shelley. I do not have a Byron era wallet address. I understand I can convert my ADA to Shelley via Yoroi but it seems it only allows me to recover a previous Byron era wallet, I don’t see the ability to create a Byron era wallet address. I appreciate your help.

install yoroi on mobile or on browser (download only from official sources) and create a new byron wallet (bkp the seed words just in case)

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (byron era)
  • bkp the seed words and set the wallet name and spending passwords

!!! first time try a small amount for test


Hello thank you for your responce. However, when I go to add wallet (byron era) it only allows me to click to “restore wallet” or “connect to ledger nano”. I don’t have a ledger nano or a wallet to restore. I need to create a new byron era wallet address. It seems I can only create a new Shelley wallet address or restore an old byron era wallet address which leaves me stuck.

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Hmm, I saw now; let me think…


It looks like for the moment yoroi disabled the byron

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Any idea where else might allow me to create a byron era wallet address?

I would suggest converting your Ada to a stable coin on the exchange you are using then moving that stable coin to another exchange eg binance then reconverting that coin back to Ada. Then move the Ada to a wallet. This should be a quick process and the price fluctuation should not be affected in the time it takes to do this process. Hope this helps

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Can be a solution indeed


you can create byron address using cardano-cli Creating keys and addresses | Cardano Developer Portal or you can use this tool - GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-addresses: Addresses and mnemonic manipulation & derivations

Use Daedalus and create a Byron wallet.
Select Restore | Daedalus wallet | 12 or 24 words (Byron legacy wallet)

It was only yesterday that I wanted to create a Shelley wallet and by mistake a created a Byron wallet.