ADA Stuck on Exchange

I’ve been trying to get my ADA off this old exchange thats closing down called BHEX but they don’t support Shelly wallet addresses. It won’t even let me send to a Shelly address cause it says not valid. I’ve never had a byron wallet also, does anyone have an idea of how to get the ADA off to a current wallet?

Yes, create a byron address/wallet on yoroi, move the funds out and then transffer from yoroi byron to any other shelley address

PS: first time try with a small amount for test

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But unless I am mistaken you can’t “create” a new byron wallet address on yoroi, only recover a previous wallet via seed words. How do you create a new byron wallet address

Hi, I’ve just posted this on another thread

I would suggest converting your Ada to a stable coin on the exchange you are using then moving that stable coin to another exchange eg binance then reconverting that coin back to Ada. Then move the Ada to a wallet. This should be a quick process and the price fluctuation should not be affected in the time it takes to do this process. Hope this helps