Im frustrated. How do i transfer ADA from Byron Trezor, over to shelley?

My apologies but I’m frustrated with the lack of guidance given…I’m actually pretty surprised no one has posted about this…I have Some ADA stuck in a trezor, via yoroi. It is a byron era wallet obviously. I already updated the trezor with the update that supports Shelley. I just need to move the ADA that’s in this Byron Trezor over to Shelley. How can this be done? I have the latest version of yoroi as well.

Hi Rob,

Go to

Follow instructions and use your Trezor and the Adalite website to access your funds. That’s what I did with My Ledger Nano.

I transferred to Daedalus so I could delegate.

Hope that helps.


Hi. You simply have to create a Shelley wallet in Yoroi + Trezor and then transfer your ada from the Byron wallet to the new Shelley wallet. That’s it.

It worked thank you.

I have sent my ADA without any problem from my old Yoroi + Trezor Byron wallet to my new Yoroi + Trezor Shelley wallet and also to my new Daedalus Shelley wallet.
The only problem I have is that if I add a new wallet in Yoroi when sending ADA to that wallet, it also appears in the initially created one, even though I create a new address. I don’t know why this happens?

We are here to help us :+1: :+1: