Help needed with Yoroi wallet restore

Good Evening,

I would like to ask you for a help or at least an explanation what could have happened and what could I do to get my ADA back.

I see that so many people have issues with restoring their wallets on Yoroi same as I do.

Restored my wallet today and all the ADA is gone. The 15 words mnemonic is correct, I have the transaction ID’s as well, the money is still in blockchain but not in my wallet.

Is there anything I can do?


You probably could try to restore your wallet on I guess you restored a Byron wallet as a Shelley wallet.


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Thank you for your reply. I tried that and it shows 0. :frowning: What I dont get is, the mnemonic is unique. IF you make a mistake in even 1 letter the wallet doesnt recognise it and then you cant restore so I dont really understand what happened.

First can u confirm if the wallet is byron or shelley, can u past the address where the ada were sent?

Hi @Alexd1985

Here are the adds: addr1qxs6s8mxqd57h8jpdl5puxrft659y6suusfkrthy53luf4yg6gze8hyll5u2dft8ccw60l29uanvnf3sv5f0ss8me4lqptfp4d


Ok, these are shelley address;

Now restore the yoroi wallet with 15 seed word … go to receive section and copy one address from there and paste here…

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Here is the one: addr1q8dxgwkderce6qfur6exnjhv637faatmmv7pxeqthtzqkmz27sttd3c09qtd3f58zyjj7js9er8kv66zvmt0j3ny42js9fzx8t

This wallet has 0 ADA

The 2 addresses provided above have160 ADA in wallet

This is meaning u restored a wrong wallet
U need to search for another seed word

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Thank you Sir.! I am affraid the ADA is gone since the seed phrase I have corresponds to the 0 wallet. Some word might be wrong since my handwritting is dodgy but unfortunately cant do much about it now.


You can check if the words are correct here

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Thank you @Alexd1985 much appreciated.

Stupid question if I may. The ADA will stay there forever until I restore it, right?

Thanks again. Have a nice evening.

Yes, the ADA will stay there

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Restored :slight_smile: ! Job done. Thanks again. Will delegate some ADA to your pool :slight_smile:

Have a lovely weekend

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Thank you, my pool performing well and nice project!