0 ADA after Restoring wallet

I had to restore my wallet to get sending password. I did that using my 15 word recovery word. However, after I did that I have zero ADA fund. I only had one wallet and I had saved my recovery word in my phone. What happened? HELP!!!

When did u started to invest in cardano? Do u have a shelley or wallet byron?

15 seed words are for yoroi so try to restore the yoroi wallet as shelley or as byron

PS: do u have a HW wallet?

I have a Shelly.
What is HW wallet?

a hardware wallet like ledger or trezor

No. I don’t have ledger or trezor

Then go to yoroi - add wallet (shelley era) - restore and used the 15 seed words

I did. It shows 0 ADA fund. That is the problem.
I only had one wallet and I used the 15 seed word I saved online.
What do I do next? Does it take time for the funds to show up?
Thank you for your help


Try to restore on adalite.io if u still see 0 funds then probably u have another 15 seed words



Ok I will try that

Thank You Alexd1085. I was able to get my ADA funds using your suggestion.


I suggest you stake your ADA at CHRTY pool, this guy saved your day :wink:


He sure did. I will stake at CHRTY. Thanks for the idea.


Alexd1985 is AWESOME!!


its people like alex that keep this community vibrant, honest and willing to help :slight_smile:

enjoy your rewards at CHRTY :wink:

any spare can be parked at STAYK ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Curious for my own understanding:
How come restoring the wallet on Yoroi didn’t work for the origina poster (yet it did work on that adalite.io)?

Yoroi has had some sync issues lately. In the end if you got your recovery phrase you got your private keys giving you access to your funds on the cardano blockchain. Adalite, Yoroi and Daedalus are just portals to the same blockchain.

Adalite and Yoroi keep their own copy of the blockchains while daedalus also downloads and syncs the blockchain on your computer locally. The first 2 are fast, but you are dependent on the blockchain copy of these wallets, where Daedalus is slower and needs more resources since it has to download and store the whole blockchain.


Keep your seed phrase safe!
Not sure what you mean by “saved online”, but if anybody malicious gets access to it, then your ADA will be gone for good :money_with_wings:.

PS - How? Get familiar with Hardware wallets :sunglasses:.

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Thanks for unpacking that, great explanation!

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Alex is the most patient and passionate knowledgeable One in the community. He helped me lot of times and I’m thankful.


I had it save on my NOTES app but now I have written it down and saved it in a safe place. Thank You