Wallet with funds gone missing

Can anyone help me please? I just access Yoroi on my desktop (where I always used to) and my Cardano Wallet with funds have gone missing. IT shows I have not set up a wallet yet. I used to have Shelley wallet. What shall I do? Thanks


Do u see something strange in transaction history?

I know these days yoroi had sync issues, so better to wait?

Did u tried to restore the wallet using the 15 seed words?


Hi there, thanks for replying. No, I haven´t restored the wallet, coz I was afraid of doing something wrong and lose my coins. :frowning: In the Transaction page shows no transactions at all. If I restore the wallet using my 15 seed words Will I get the same wallet with my coins?

hi @Thander, since the transactions are empty this probably is a sync issue.

You can just install the adalite.io wallet and restore your wallet with your recovery seed and see if that works there. You won’t lose your funds. you can use your recovery seed to show and control your coin on various devices and/or wallets.

Hey man, thank you so much for helping. I didn´t install Adalite, just accessed the Adalite.io page, I entered my 15 seed words and it gave me access to my ADAs :slight_smile: Can I withdraw my coins using this Adalite also? Cheers

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Yes u can, but probably meantime yoroi is working again, just refresh the app


Good to hear all is well!

hello yoroi i deleted my wallet by mistake and i don’t know 15 recovery words please can you help me

Nope, without the 15 seed words u can’t restore the wallet; try to search better I am sure u will find them

I couldn’t find the 15 keyword keys, is there any place I can find it

Check if u made a picture or if u wrote them on a paper, etc

No, unfortunately I did not receive

It might help if you try to remember WHEN you created the wallet. This is because the moment you created the wallet you were required to confirm the 15 words one for one. So you must have written them down somehow otherwise you couldn’t confirm them. Maybe you saved it to a file in your computer or a password application (both are very very bad idea by the way). But without the recovery phrase there is no way to restore your wallet, unfortunately.

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I created it on 2021.05.19 over the phone

That’s just 4 days ago. Can’t you remember how you confirmed the 15 words when creating the wallet? Did you maybe make a screenshot and is it now in your pictures folder on your phone maybe? Did you write it down?

No, I didn’t write, it’s not in the picture. What can I do?

I am very sorry but restoring your wallet is only possible with your recovery phrase.

But how did u created the wallet? Did u memorised the 15 seed words? Do u have ledger or trezor?

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