Yoroi wallet recovery

Hey guys how’s it going? So I’ve hit a snag with recovering my yoroi wallet. I do everything on my phone, I made an attempt to recover it by entering my phrases and spending password. Done and there’s nothing in my wallet. I had a second set of phrases to see if my wallet is there but one phrase is off. I wrote it down but idk why it’s not accepting it. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated to retrieve my ada, I have over 1700 ada and I’m just really worried about not having access to it

Open yoroi

  • add wallet (shelley or byron)
  • restore
  • write the seed words
  • set the wallet’s name and spending password

Hi @Benson_Taveras,

How many words is your recovery phrase?
And to double check also try recovering with adalite.io

I’ve tried that and nothing comes up, my wallet is empty

How do go about doing that with adalite.io? I’m fairly new to this

Firstly you might have created 2 wallets. The first to get your ada in from the exchange you bought them. And maybe later created another wallet and sent your ada from the first to the second. Both wallets would have their own recovery phrases. If what I describe is the case and you are using your initial wallet’s recovery phrase then it makes sense that the wallet is empty. But you can double check if there are transactions.

Anyway, to restore your wallet with adalite.io just go there with your browser, select the left box option (Mnemonic). Type in your recovery phrase and you should see your wallet recovered.

I’ll let you know how it goes, much appreciated thank you!

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You are amazing!!! Thank you again, this has been a relief!!! So proud to be part of this community!!! Hope you have an amazing day good sir :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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You are welcome!

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