Recovery phrase recovers empty account


I’ve been unlucky to break my phone yesterday and today in the process of setting up a new phone I also tried restoring my Yoroi wallet. I’ve been using my 15 word recovery phrase and while the phrase itself is valid, unfortunately I don’t see any ADA on my account even though 2 days ago while checking my old account I for sure had some. Is there any chance I could recover my account if the recovery phrase I have is seemingly incorrect?


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If you see an empty wallet without any transaction history, you most likely used a wrong seedphrase.

Thanks for a swift response @Zyroxa. Unfortunately this is the only seedphrase I have. Is there anything else I could do to try get my account back?

Check here bips/bip-0039/english.txt at master · bitcoin/bips · GitHub if you might have misspell a word if its similar.

Thanks @Zyroxa. I actually managed to recover my wallet using Adalite and I can see the funds there. Do you have any idea why the seedphrase would work on one platform and not another one? Is there any way I can add this wallet ‘back’ to Yoroi? Or do I have to create a new wallet in Yoroi transfer funds there if I want to use Yoroi?

Nah this doesnt really make any sense to me.

Are you 100% sure that you didnt misspell anything the first time you tried to restore the wallet on Yoroi?

I mean as long as Yoroi supports seedphrases with 15 words (and i think it does), you should be able to restore the same wallet on Yoroi aswell.

Yoroi often has synchronisation problems.

They did start to actively develop again, but it seems it’s still flaky at times.

You can restore your wallet in most native Cardano wallet apps – Eternl, Typhon, Lace, ….

With some caveats you can also use them in parallel to control a wallet. They are just interfaces. If you do something in one of them – delegate, send, receive, … – the others will just eventurally see that and also update to the new state.

So, explore around! But take links from rather trustworthy sources – or for example – to not fall for fakes.

@Zyroxa I definitely didn’t misspell the seedphrase on Yoroi. In fact, to make sure I didn’t I tried around 5 times :upside_down_face: nonetheless, I do see funds on Adalite and not on Yoroi

I mean thats the most important part. But as @HeptaSean already said, Yoroi isnt that stable right now and thats why i would recommand to use another wallet anyway.

My wallet of choice is Typhon but there are also other wallets which are really good to use like Eternl.

I see, thanks for your swift responses @Zyroxa and @HeptaSean! I will have a look at different wallets you mentioned here :slight_smile: