Restored Yoroi Wallet and ADA disappear, show 0 ADA - please help me

I restored Yoroi (it need to cos it asked for update since I didn’t open the app for a very long time) then used 24 seed words for recovering. But it create a NEW WALLET and shown 0 ADA.

Please advise me, I will appreciated that :slight_smile:

PS: I put the RIGHT seeds words.

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Does it show any transaction history or is it a completely empty wallet without funds or transactions?

If its a completely empty wallet, then the seed phrases is incorrect and you must have used a different seed phrase for the wallet that did have funds.

First of all, thank you very much for your reply.

It is no transaction history, completely an empty new wallet. Then I was trying to add new wallet to test again, by using same 24 word recovery phase (which same as I get started with Ledger). So it still empty with 2 new wallet in Yoroi now. Any advice in further ? please


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No transaction history definitely means that the seed phrase was wrong rather that your funds having been stolen.

My one and only suggestion is that you try to find the correct seed phrase. Think about how and when you created it, to help you jog your memory.

Maybe someone else might have another suggestion.

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Thank you so muchhhh. As your suggestion, I try to think about it and then enlighten. It was a very long time that I didn’t open Yoroi and I truely put the wrong seed, confused with Ledger. Now it solve !! :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your help, really really appreciated that.



Hey there, it sounds like you tried to restore your Yoroi with your Ledger passphrase. You can’t do that unfortunately! You need to create a Yoroi wallet, and then connect your Ledger wallet to it, instead of trying to restore it with your Ledger passphrase.

If you need further help with this, one of our associates can help walk you through this.

Here’s a helpful guide to help you along your way: Yoroi Wallet 101: How to Connect Yoroi Wallet (Desktop) to Ledger Wallet Device to Manage Cardano ADA

All the best,


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I had this same problem

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Be aware of the fact that if you’ve entered your Ledger seed in Yoroi, it can no longer be considered as having the safety of a hardware wallet.

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Hello Ahmedd! Please be aware that you should not enter your Ledger passphrase into Yoroi wallet. In order to connect your Ledger, please follow these instructions from our Knowledge Base.

If you need help, please do open a ticket in Yoroi and we’ll be happy to provide assistance. Hope this helps!

Thanks for your kind reply, yes I unfortunately tried to restore Yoroi by using Ledger seed phrase. Now I found Yoroi seed that I wrote down. Problem solve and thanks again for the link :slight_smile: appreciated that really.


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omg. what should I do then ? any suggestion ? cheers,

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You have two options here.

1. Do nothing

If your seed phrase would’ve been leaked already (due to e.g. malware), funds would’ve probably already been stolen. Make sure that you delete the wallet where you’ve entered the Ledger seed however and that there’re no traces of it (backups,…) so it can’t be leaked in the future anymore.
Keep in mind that in theory the seed could be leaked already, but the attacker decided not to steal the funds immediately.

2. Create new wallet on Ledger and move funds

To be absolutely sure, you can create a new wallet on your Ledger with a new seed phrase and move the funds. If you do defi, you also need to withdraw any yield farming and so on… You also need to take the same seed phrase backup process you did before (or a better one).
If you’ve only got one Ledger device, moving it directly can be a bit cumbersome. You first need to wipe it and create a new wallet (not before your’re absolutely sure you have the backup of the correct seed phrase!), connect it to a wallet (Ledger Live or other) to get an address to send the funds to, wipe it again and restore the old seed phrase, move the funds and then wipe it a third time and restore it with the new seed phrase. Also leave a few ADA on the old one, and do this process again a weeks later to withdraw any outstanding staking rewards and get the deposit back.
Alternatively you can send the funds to a (new temporary) hot wallet (make sure it’s a legitimate one though) and then just create a new wallet on the Ledger device and then move the funds to the new Ledger wallet. But you still have to switch to the old one a few weeks later if you want all staking rewards.

It’s up to you what you’ll do. Don’t do all of this in a hurry and make sure you’ve got the time to do it at ease!!! There is no imminent risk; if there was, funds would’ve already been stolen. You’re much more likely to lose your funds by making a mistake when doing things hasty than got your funds stolen!


Thank you very much indeed, really appreciated that :pray:

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So glad to hear that! Thanks for letting us know! Be well.


Amazing advice honestly. Well done.