Yoroi wallet showing zero ADA balance after restore then crashes

Hi, can someone please help me? It’s been several months since I logged into my Yoroi wallet, and when I logged in earlier saw lots of red ‘Failed’ statuses on my transaction history with missing data. So I decided to do a restore. Once I entered my recovery phrase, and continued with the ‘Verify Restore Wallet’ (not even sure if those addresses are correct) as I assumed they would be since they should be linked, my wallet slowly processes and loads but my balance displays zero - along with everything else. Then a popup appears with ‘Yoroi crashed’. My funds can’t be lost as my wallet was created with Ledger. Do I attempt to check with my Ledger on AdaLite? Guess there’s no way of transferring my ADA out? Rewards are stuck too? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I think I’m good guys - I was able to export my keys to Adalite and see my entire balance and staking rewards there. Will not be going back to Yoroi, esp now with the added feature to change the data on the sites I visit… Hope this helps everyone else who has the same issue.

If you have a Ledger you shouldn’t have to enter a recovery phrase in any wallet and you also shouldn’t do it.

The security of the Ledger depends on the fact that its recovery phrase is only entered on the USB device and never on a computer that might be infected with some malware.

On this screen, you have to choose “Connect to hardware wallet” and not “Restore wallet” if you have a hardware wallet.

But switching to another wallet is also a solution.