Checking for funds on blockchain-

Are there instructions as to how to check these funds on the
Yoroi won’t even let me access my account number or transactions - its all blank and I am so so upset. I feel so violated. How can I check funds without a transaction?
Also, for this optional solution - you say I have to reveal my seed that has thousands tied to it, that is scary! Are there any other options besides revealing my seed and putting my $ up for grabs? Btw, I appreciate you help, no one in support will help…

copy one address from yoroi and paste it in;
U will see all addresses asociated to the wallet and also all transactions performs…

PS: what is the issue?


Original issue is here:

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Hello @beast_coin

This article may be of interest to you “Yoroi: How to Track a Transaction Using a Cardano Blockchain Explorer” .


As @Alexd1985 already said: Take an arbitrary address that you know belongs to your wallet and search it on

If I do that with one of my addresses, I see this:

So, the balance of the address itself is 0, since it is an old address that was already emptied again by other transactions, but under “Controlled Stake Key” and especially “Controlled Total Stake” I can see the current balance. “View All Addresses” will show me all the other addresses of the wallet that have been active and I can click through all the transactions of them as well.

Okay, the completely honest answer is: I haven’t done a full code review of or, but I am pretty sure that they do not send the seed phrase to their servers, but process it with Javascript locally in your browser and just send public keys and signed transactions out of it. Everything else would surely be a security nightmare.

Most people here seem to trust them far enough. But a web-based solution could, of course, also be hacked server-side. I think I’m accessing that really was okay up to now, but now it leads to an evil look-alike. also has a browser plugin. That would give you the same security as the Yoroi plugin. If you decide to trust them as much as Emurgo before.

Last resort would be Daedalus. It comes directly from IOHK. It neither web-based, nor a browser plugin, but runs completely independent. But it uses a lot of resources.

HI, Unfortunalty there is no address that can be seen. I see I have a wallet - but everything is cut off and of course it says I have not synced anything (EVER). I can’t see my staking or my rewards - I cant do anything - there is no data to be viewed.

I cannot see the delegation list, the transaction list - I am telling you there is nothing there but spinning wheels on every tab.
What is the simple solution to this?
I am using a Nano X w Yoroi - By the way.
I am assuming this is a TOTAL loss at this point. I won’t reveal my Nano seed.
Do you have a fix?

There are no transactions or any kind of information! I am stupefied. I was fine - now all I see are a few rewards and the zero balance. Thats it. I really need help! Please advise someone. I hope to get my investment back and re-allocate into an asset that I can trust. This is so so stressful. Please let me know what you would do.

can u share here or in private one of your address from yoroi?

If you see no transactions that is partly a good sign. If you would have been scammed or your funds stolen there would be an outgoing transaction for that.

We told you above how to view things on Cardanoscan if you have an address. If you don’t see any addresses (not even in the “Receive” tab?), you can try to navigate from the information in the exchange that you used to put funds into Cardano. When you first sent Ada to Cardano/Yoroi, did you get a transaction id? Can you still see, what address you sent to? Both can be looked up on Cardanoscan.

We already told you that almost everyone here thinks or are fine, but if you don’t want to trust that: You can restore your seed phrase in the mobile version of Yoroi or in another browser or in another browser profile.

Once you see that your seed phrase is the correct one and restores your wallet in any of these possibilities – mobile Yoroi, Yoroi in another browser/profile,, – you can remove your broken Yoroi from your main browser, add it again and restore your wallet with the seed phrase.

You can totally do that. But it’s a bit like cancelling your Internet subscription, because one specific browser got broken on your specific computer.