Yoroi Wallet First Use Impression

I use a Chromebook for personal stuff. As a result, I’ve been using MetaMask for all my Ethereum related transactions. The Yoroi Light Wallet is a good start for an easy to use Cardano experience and very similar to MetaMask in it’s approach.

Today, after I created my first wallet in Yoroi, I sent some of my Ada from Binance over to the wallet address that I created in Yoroi. It’s really the first time I’ve watched an Ada transaction happen in near-time on the Block Explorer.

So, I’ve received some Ada via Yoroi, but I want to send some too. I don’t know if this is against forum rules or not, but the first 5 people that post a wallet address below, I’ll send over 1 Ada.


Evening Adam.

I’m up for an opportunity to watch an ADA move on the blockchain. I’ve just DL’d the chrome ext. of yoroi, and would like to observe as well. I will send the ADA right back.

By chance are you viewing the transaction on the network status on the Daedalus wallet under file or by other means? I’m learning as I go, so please bare with my “beginners” cloud of Unknowning.


Thanks! :wink: DdzFFzCqrhsgk4MDQ7E7TipRcKd4ccPfzPZ7eXi6NbEGNjeWYwxzPdEpGM8YHswmtdMx3VB29GXxxvPn9wRj8Ec8Eof74xvB8jBmKPj1


I’m watching on the Cardano Blockchain Explorer. I just hit send on the Ada to Gettysburg. You can watch his wallet receive 2 Ada here - https://cardanoexplorer.com/address/DdzFFzCqrhsgk4MDQ7E7TipRcKd4ccPfzPZ7eXi6NbEGNjeWYwxzPdEpGM8YHswmtdMx3VB29GXxxvPn9wRj8Ec8Eof74xvB8jBmKPj1

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Done! Thanks!

@SirMellow Here’s the on chain transaction for the 2 Ada I set to @Gettysburg


It’s sort of difficult to read. But my on chain starting balance was 274.562656. You see 2 Ada going to the wallet address provided by @Gettysburg and then you see the new Ada balance for my wallet of 272.562656

Hope this helps.

Anyone else want an Ada or two?

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Brand new Yoroi account, many thanks in advance for stimulating the Cardano interest!

Here is an address for you Adam
I was kind of thinking of what it looks like sending Lovelaces and not an ada, do you think you could send like 10 LL to this address?

Sent @Monty2 Here’s the transaction ID - a8c698444259f4f90acc8556e1bf72e364f7f4583f2f8b3300edd0a73bb67f71

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Sent @anon20038177 Here’s the transaction ID - 452135ff8cb6d2553f01b772dd7be3e3a6f067533c6c5ea4a757173e0647423c

Here my address Adam if you want to send some: Ae2tdPwUPEZ4RZrzofyzYZP1UopC1qh1WXZgaNF1QXPTnbw47zDcSQe7YhE…thanks in advance! happy holiday.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Sent @hackers_hack Here’s the transaction ID - 2edaa4296fac4db2d1b742a6664e768e4e2a80d16a0117f1b474196bfb7cf021

The transaction fee was 15000 x more than the amount sent :sweat_smile:

I guess we are a long way off from micro transactions.

Yeah. I noticed the fee.

thanx though, the address is the donation address for https://cardanowiki.info/wiki/Home


Thanks a lot Chris! :grinning:


I agree @anon20038177 that was a good idea to direct the donation to the foundation.

Cardano Wiki is entirely a community initiative! :grin:

Oh. I see. It’s not foundation funded. It’s funded by community volunteers. @RobJF are you one of the Cardano Wiki organizers? I guess I’ll have to keep using my new Yoroi Wallet and send a few more Ada over there. I learn something new all the time.

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