ADA sent from exchange to Yoroi internal address, I think

When I finished printing out my Yoroi paper wallet, I used the address that appears on that paper wallet to send from the exchange. I have not gotten any kind of my ADA yet. I believe this address to be an internal transaction on Yoroi, but I am not positive as it is the first time I have used it. Can anyone offer up a suggestion of what I should or can do in this situation? Much appreciated.

First point to check is whether the transaction shows up on explorer - you can use cardano explorer or seiza.
If it does not show up there - and you’ve waited for approximately 1 hour (not because chain is slow, but sometimes exchanges can defer transfers a bit) - than it would be best to contact the exchange.

If it does show up in explorer, you’re fine. You wont be able to verify balance of paper wallet, unless you restore your wallet - which is not a recommended practice , since the whole point of the paper wallets is to have it offline. As soon as you restore the paper wallet , you’re making it online and thus - losing the advantage of creating a cold wallet in the first place.

Hey! Thanks for getting back to me so soon. It does show up in the explorer, at some 150 confirmations.

A question, the paper wallet was a backup to my Yoroi wallet. Can I expect that the ADA will show up in there at some point? Without having to enter the seed phrase?

Because I have never used Yoroi before, I don’t know if waiting is just part of the game. Is it? I know it was with the Daedalus, which is why I used Yoroi this time around now that I am back into ADA.

Last question. On the Cardano Explorer, near the bottom there is the TX Hash and then a time…4 hours. Is that the time I can expect this to go through? I don’t remember seeing that when I was in ADA previously, but that was late/early 2017/2018, so I imagine there have been new features added.

Thanks again.

No, paper wallet is completely a new wallet, not linked to the 15 word based Yoroi wallet. The only point you will see paper wallet funds in Yoroi will be when you restore, i.e. when you are OK for wallet to not be a cold wallet anymore.

Thats when the corresponding transaction was executed.

Just wanted to let you know I am all set. I did need your help to figure it out, so thanks!

I really appreciate it.