Advice From Members Sending ADA from Exchange to Yoroi

My ADA is on an exchange. I don’t have computer only cell phone.l downloaded Yoroi wallet( which l understand is now closed for the moment) generated a password, typed in and checked it several times in the ‘send address’ at the exchange.Sent 4 ADA for testing, several times, but the ADA was returned each time saying l have incorrectly entered the address. The address is 38 characters and numbers long .It starts off with /0 which the man on the exchange said not to type in.In the middle of this 38 digit address are 3 dots … and it continues. What do you think l maybe doing incorrectly?
Thanking You In Advance.

You can’t send now. The Shelley era has different kind of addresses. So when your Yoroi wallet updates you will get a new address to send to.

I posted a similar thing earlier:

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