Yoroi Wallet First Use Impression

Yes I’m co-founder and web host.

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You know what? I was looking again at this transaction. I see the fee, but I don’t see where it actually deducted from my wallet. When I do the math, the only thing that came out of my wallet was the 11 lovelaces. Maybe fees are not really happening right now?


I have made several transactions and have seen the fees deducted from my wallet, I wonder if there is a reason it would be different if sending only lovelaces or other small amounts?
I followed the transactions on https://adascan.net/address/Ae2tdPwUPEZJXdXj9aUxCQ51BCZYAnadvpHbq3GBjx5o2H5XXKwcrH3TmS8/
and it shows fee deductions

Not anything to do with transactions but does anyone else find it odd that there is no link to Yoroi from the Emurgo or Cardano sites? It seems like that would get it a lot more visibility and downloads.

Adascan is easier to read than the official explorer.

Thanks for this post. Glad to hear about your positive experience with Yoroi!


Welcome to the Cardano Community @keisha !!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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One more observation after using Yoroi Wallet to send and receive multiple transactions. It is keeping track of my balance, however that balance is spread out over three addresses. It’s a bit confusing and I have to dig around on the explorer to find all the addresses that sum up to my Yoroi Wallet balance.

I feel like it would be useful if Yoroi Wallet provided a list of addresses that make up my balance. Sure I can dig for them by running through the transactions, but that’s not very user friendly.

I’d also like a way to merge a wallet’s sum balance down to one address.

cc: @keisha

I do not have a Yoroi wallet, so I have a question, when you search your receiving address does it show the wallet balance in its entirety?

Here’s the three addresses that make up my current balance:

Address #1 (receive address used for two deposits from Binance)
https://adascan.net/address/Ae2tdPwUPEZ4yp2YPPZT1jZYRoVFDKwRZwgTtiXxyQBPdHpgV7kUcRUh1wk/ (receive address)

Address #2 (created by Yoroi)

Address #3 (created by Yoroi)

They sum up to this screenshot amount:

Thanks, Adam. I’ll pass along your comment.

No need. Your team has answered my questions over on GitHub. This behavior, multiple wallets per account, is a feature of UTxO.

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I powerwashed my Chromebook to start the new year. On ChromeOS a powerwash is basically like a factory reset on your Android or iOS device. As soon as I started the processes, I remembered that I would need to recover my Yoroi Wallet for the first time.

I had my Recovery Phrase and successfully recovered my first Yoroi Wallet with no issues. I mean, I suspected it would work, but always good to validate.


With Binance.com discontinuing support for US customers, I’ve shifted all my ADA from a Binance.com wallet to a Yoroi wallet.

I was pretty nervous to make this move. I’ve saved my seed words in three different places. It feels like hiding keys all throughout the house.

Also, if anyone has yet to receive an ADA in their wallet let me know. I’m happy to send out a few more so that people get more comfortable with Yoroi.

I feel you.
I’m currently going through a “I can’t find my spending password” freak-out moment

Like safety deposit box---- but what if the bank catches fire? I can’t win in my mind

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As long as you have your seed words, you can just uninstall the Yoroi extension and create a new spending password.

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Yes, thank goodness I have them safe. It’s just kind of a mental thing, like if I can lose my password I can lose my phrase. It’s a scary responsibility

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It’s worth the risk to shift the responsibility from banks, Visa and MasterCard. Like all new things, it just takes time and usage for the early adopters, like us, to get comfortable.

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