ADA transaction from Yoroi to Coinbase Pro wallet still not complete after 50+ days!

I need help! On 11/23/21 I sent 125 ADA from my Yoroi wallet to my CB Pro wallet and have yet to receive my ADA! I can see the transaction on the Cardano Blockchain and it’s up to over 200k confirmations but has yet to complete the transfer. I’ve done deposits/withdrawals before to/from Yoroi with no incident. It usually is complete within a few minutes. I know recently (within the past couple of weeks) that there have been some updates to ADA and/or the way that Coinbase receives or sends ADA but this came way after my transfer should have been completed.

Anybody have this happen or can give me some insight as to what’s going on? Any help would be appreciated! I’ve included the transaction hash below for reference:


It looks like u sent 125 ADA to this address (which I believe it’s not a coinbase address because it’s delegated to a pool)

Can u check on coinbase if u go to deposits if the addresses are matching?


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Exactly my thought. You are too fast.

Also: Lots of transactions of very small values in there. Would not make much sense to send 1 Ada something to Coinbase. And the balance (address as well as complete wallet) is quite low for an exchange address.

EDIT: Wait! Lots of 1 Ada something and delegated to PEGA … could this be one of the addresses? They use such small transactions to verify that you are the owner of a stake key. …

EDIT 2: Yes! It is a registration address. This was my registration, back in the days:
Transaction 1e3b713c875500e9901f2cb2e9cf32dbd8abd93bf58b0cf37f65347924fda50a - Cardanoscan
and the target address
Address addr1qydga3nca6wqxw92yume6yjuyt3548fcc6yag4p4menjwuykc7hyp4nr6hrccgkqt9dxy53japftq9syt4rpfy22483s5f46fh - Cardanoscan
has exactly the same stake key as the target address of these 125 ADA.

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