Please Help - Transaction from Coinbase to Yoroi/Ledger Wallet Still Pending

I sent three test transactions from Coinbase to this wallet to ensure everything was good before sending roughly 1000 ADA to my Ledger Wallet. It is still pending and I’m starting to really worry. I am fairly new to this community but have made transactions before tonight. This may not seem like a lot to some of you, but this is a great deal to me! Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

One more thing, should I try to cancel this transaction or is that even possible? At this point, I’d just be happy to have my ADA back. Thanks again in advance.

These coins are being sent from Coinbase. What is their status on Coinbase. If Coinbase says they are complete, they should provide you with a transaction id, which you can look up on eg

The Coinbase does not say they are complete, you need to contact Coinbase support.

It still says pending. I’m still learning these processes but my concern is that they could claim some “technical issue” and not return my funds. The addresses on both ends match. Ive reached out to them but still waiting on a response.


If the Coinbase UI says “still pending” then only Coinbase can help.