I made a yoroi wallet, i have an issue

I transfered ADA the first time to Yoroi and didnt receive any yet after more than 1 hour… Any idea?

Sync issues, refresh the app more times;

Go to receive section, copy one address and check it on cardanoscan.io… do u see the right balance? If yes is fine.

No balance there…
My adress: addr1qys2n8h706s0n2hq2pfg5qlu76v9rwu7pcmx0uax78v6j6h64yggtgruutdgqdrt78uz2j7grncdas5t3meswrdcdnps4hyz8p

From where did u sent and when?

From coinex (exchange app)

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I guess i found the issue…
I just have to wait for the support of CoinEx.

Cuz there i have to confirm the transaction and i just saw that its on “passed” by them but not as “send” how it usualy be when i withdraw there.

Lets wait and see what they gonna reply.

I will keep u up to date…

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Exactly… wait more times