ADA disappeared Yoroi walelt

I deposited 2,391 ADA to my Yoroi wallet. Initially the ADA appeared in my Yoroi wallet. When I went to check on it a second time, it is no longer showing up. I searched the transaction on and the transaction shows up. Would the next step be to delete wallet and then restore it?

copy one address from receive tab and paste it on ; do u see the right balance? If yes then go to settings (wallet) → resync

if no then it means the funds were moved to another wallet,

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You can resync the wallet on Yoroi under settings → wallet → resync

Hey. Check this FAQ I wrote for Essential Cardano on this matter.

Thanks! Resyncing worked.

Greetings! Sorry about that. From time to time, your wallet might become desynced from the backend. But don’t worry! Your funds are safe, and you can either wait for the wallet to resync on its own (mobile) or manually resync (desktop) by visiting Settings>Wallet. Hope this helps!

Unfortunately, SNEK is on the Binance wallet. Support denied me. As I understand it, they reimburse losses only to users who have lost assets in the bnb network. Through planned combustion. I no longer dream of returning SNEK :frowning:

Cardano native tokens must be sent/kept only on cardano native wallets… or exchanges which supports native assets