What is going on with Yoroi

Ive never had any issues with yoroi. yesterday i sent funds back and forth from yoroi to nami which seemed to take longer than usual. now i cant see funds or send funds. whats going on ??

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having the same issue for the last 30 mins or so. wallet wasn’t responding and loading so i re-synced now the wheel is turning but can’t see any information on the wallet. Using Chrome extension

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Don’t know if this is still going on:

It was 48 hours ago, but if they are updating a lot of nodes to cardano-node 1.33.0 that could well take a while.

… and – if it’s urgent – you can always restore the same wallet in ccvault.io, adalite.io, Daedalus or whatever other wallet app you like.

Glad im not the only one. I was really hoping to get in on a nft drop and missed the opportunity because of this. I should have save some funds in my nami wallet. frustrating but ill know better next time.

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Man, I wish someone developed a decent wallet for Cardano, something like XUMM, Lobstr, TronLink, etc. I have 2 wallets on Yoroi, a standard one (not connected to Ledger), and the Yoroi-Ledger. Both suck! Right now, the standard one that is not connected to Ledger Nano, does not show me the rewards from yesterday. Come on ffs!!!

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That’s for damn sure, johnh!

Again, a swift kick to the nuts, Charles.

Instead of jetting around the world - supposedly making the world work better for all - how about providing a usable wallet?

Something investors can rely on when they want to make staking changes or, heaven forbid, spend some of their funds.

You know the logic, Charles. The wallet is the window into what’s working - or not working - with Cardano.

You admitted Daedalus needed work and it has since inception. Now Yoroi is adrift and Cardano is taking the hit.

Wake the fuck up!

I don’t get, why y’all are so upset. There are good alternative wallets. You don’t need to move any funds, just connect hardware wallet to them or input seed phrase.

It’s 90% sure that you will get neither the people of Emurgo nor “Charles” to read outraged rants in the Cardano forums. And they also don’t really owe you anything.

Yoroi was the recommendation when I threw in the towel with Daedalus.

Personally, I’m not interested in being part of the test team for another wallet.

Exampla: Nami Wallet Transaction Failed - English / Community Technical Support - Cardano Forum

Years ago I drew the ire of IOHK and Charles over the failure of Daedalus.

And, frankly, HS, I am amazed that you don’t understand the concern that has been voiced for years. The wallet was the only public/investor facing piece of work Cardano had. People put their money on the table and then didn’t have access.

And here we are again, years later, being chided to search for another wallet - that may or may not work.

Hi there. Were you able to resolve your issue?

Yoroi mobile version is working like a charm :slight_smile:

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I’m using the Yoroi Edge browser extension, and mine has been having issues connecting to the blockchain for about three days now. I’ve removed it and restored it to no avail. This morning seems slightly better, with the exception that epoch 314 rewards are not showing up.

I’ve been trying to delegate my adas to the sundaeswap pools for 24 hours using the Yoroi wallet, but I just get error after error. I think the best thing is to give up on Cardano, the guys are not able to develop something that works. It’s disappointing.

yoroi is one of the many other wallets, you can try to restore the wallet on adalite.io and perform transactions from there
or install the yoroi mobile version and it will work


I have three Yoroi wallets, each of them staking some ADA with pools that are part of the Sundae Swap ISO. Two of them are fine. After successfully collecting ADA rewards for six epochs, one of them now shows the transfer of approx 3,300 ADA into that wallet on Dec 5 failed, and that the tokens also weren’t staked with the pool I chose. I hope this related to the cardano-node 1.33.0 upgrade. Because as things stand now, the ADA isn’t in that wallet, but it also isn’t in the hardware wallet I sent it from; the hardware wallet shows the transfer went through.

Have you checked the transaction and the target address/wallet on cardanoscan.io?
If it shows up, there, it’s only a problem of Yoroi and can be solved by resync, reinstall or using another wallet app.

It had to be the Yoroi upgrade. A moment ago the errant wallet suddenly showed the correct amount.

It’s little different from the subject here but it’s about going to staking center from Yoroi.
When I go to staking center from Yoroi it does not display any pools or come up with no results found when i search with ticker or name of the pool. What am i doing it wrong? I just purchased galaxy tablet few days ago and downloaded yoroi on Brave. Can someone help me? Really appreciate the help in advance!!

Try this:
install the yoroi app (official app) → restore the wallet and try from there


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Thank you for your response!! I know you are alway there for everyone with trouble. Awesome!!!
Anyway that’s what exactly I did. I dont have problem seeing my balance and all but can not access to staking center. I like to delegate to a different pool soon bcz of the sundae swap.