Yoroi Lag and NFTs

So, I have been having really long lag times for sending NFT’s from my YOROI wallet to other people’s’ wallets. The other day, I literally sat in my chair for five and a half hours to send two NFTs.
I have personally written to Yoroi and Emurgo multiple times but have not had any response.
So, this post is to see if anyone else is having problems, to ask for tips other than reducing the amount of tokens in my wallet (presently there are 200 tokens in there), and to see if Emurgo and Yoroi are trying to scale-up to meet demand. A friend of mine says that his Daedalus wallet chokes out at 700 tokens.
The implications are huge because what happens when traffic actually arrives on the Cardano blockchain. People will not care ‘how’ something works, they will just want it to ‘work’. What can be done to upgrade these essential tools that are the on-ramps to the Cardano blockchain, ADA, and smart contracts in the future.

And yes, I have created more wallets. One idea could be to create a Daedalus wallet on my laptop and migrate the Yoroi wallet over.
The point is that this needs some attention and my case is by no means an isolated one.


The issue you’re describing is unrelated to native tokens, but more around the scaling on Yoroi backend. I think they’ve pinned a tweet on their account too about the issue being known and being worked upon.

(PS: Not defending or saying it’s OK , but just clearing the status - before these issues started popping up, the transaction times have always been almost instant, and I am sure it will go back to that state)

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This will not solve your issue but was wondering how you identify the NFT in your wallet? Is there a guide to using your wallet and NFT’s? Is anyone aware of a way to view NFT in the wallet even if its a link to blockchain? If not seems like would be a good proposal for Project Catalyst.

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