Transfer to Yoroi from Daedalue did not arrive

I made a transfer from Daedalue, In September, but it did not arrive. I have only just discovered this. Is therea way to trace and recover that trasfer which did not get creditted tothe YOroi wallet?
Many thanks

If you have the addresses or the transaction ID, you can track on, what happened.

If you feel comfortable with it, you can also share them here, and someone can have a look and explain, what we see.

One address or the stake key from each of the wallets would be good.

Thank you for your quick response, the suspected lost Cardano have been tracked down, found safe and well. Thank you for the link. We sent two transactions, and I had assumed to the same place but they went to another wallet for safe keeping; and which I have now recovered. False alarm.
Thank you.

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