Problems with my yoroi account

8 days ago I moved my coins on Yoroi and I staked them.
The problem since, it shows me 0 available funds, 0 total rewards, 0 delegated, despite it shows me “epoch progress” and the pool where I delegated.
And in transaction it shows me 2 transactions:

  1. Staked with an amount
  2. Sent with other amount.
    Should I be worried??
    Thank you

hmm can u check the address from yoroi on
Same balance?

you moved your coin to an address from yoroi? staking it doesn’t require you to move the coins I think

No. I just clicked “delegate”

I hope your wallet was not hacked :frowning:

When I go to “transaction ID” and after to “cardano blockchain explorer” it shows included in epoch 291 block fjdhdh.

Share the address from yoroi

When I check on adaex it show me that the coins were delegated to a pool.
And I have 2 transactions, 1. Intrawallet 2.sent