Yoroi wallet - Dashboard doesn't show my delegation


I am sure this topic has been discussed in the past, but i was not able to find my exact answer so i am posting here for some assistance.

I just recently set up the Yoroi wallet, and ADA deposit was visible on the dashboard. I went ahead and delegated to a pool (titan 2). When i look at my dashboard i can see some epoch dates, but i see an error on the bottom stating “please delegate to a pool”. I checked the transaction screen on the Yoroi extension and it on “submit” .

Couple question:

  1. Can i open a ccvault wallet and move yoroi over? or any other recommended wallet?
  2. How can i confirm if my wallet address is part of the pool? so i know i’m delegated?

Also lately (24 hours), my ada is also not showing up on the dashboard.

I have had a horrible 1st experience with ADA staking. Please help so i can move on and follow all the good news on Cardano right now.

Thank you in advance

Yes you can restore your wallet with your seedphrase on ccvault. Im using Typhon myself but ccvault is awesome aswell.

You can copy and paste on of your receiving address on a site like cardanoscan.io and then click on your staking key :slight_smile:

Its probably due a syncing issue on Yoroi, so just a display error.

Use yoroi mobile version… it’s working fine :beers:

Thank you all for the response…i feel better. I will wait a few hours and see how things progress if not i will restore my yoroi to another good known wallet extension.

Yoroi seems like a decent app but maybe i caught it at the wrong time. Will give it a few hours!!

Thank you ADA gang!!

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