Pleasee.. HELP! My delegated ADA doesn't appear in my dashboard

Hi Guys,
I have ADA delegated thought my wallet Yoroi. My notebook was formated and I’ve restoured my wallet, but the delegated have gone from my dashboard. It seems like my wallet had never been used before.

So, u have 0 funds right?

Did u restored as a shelley wallet right?

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • restore

are u using a hardware wallet or is just a simple yoroi wallet?

Simple Wallet.

In 0 now. But I don’t know why. When I look at CardanScan, I see my ADAs delegate for the same pool .

ok, simple wallet, that it means u need to have a 15 seed words, if this 15 seed words didn’t restore the wallet perhaps u have another one…

or … if you copy one address from yoroi and paste it on do u see 0 or the correct balance?

Right, I see 0 in balance and the delegation on. Can I add The adascan here? Does it help?

copy one address from yoroi (from receive section) and paste it here please

Ok. During the day, I’ll do that. Thanks a lot for now.

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or u can paste the address on and check the total stake for that address. if it’s saying 0 then you restored another wallet, perhaps u used the seed words from byron wallet… try to see if u can find another 15 seed words for yoroi wallet, or maybe u imported the daedalus wallet in yoroi and u will need the 24 seed words…

Hi Alex,
This is the receive address since I’ve restoured my wallet and in the attach is the information of my delegation. - addr1qy3c5685472jejdctpzxhrj2unvczr0wd65wwnyp27r3jgx742udgczsdl79gxasntmrn555mv0dmsz5wurv2sm42qsspd6nky

I’m not sure what is happening =(

It seems u restored another wallet… try to look for another seed words… it was a simple wallet or hardware wallet?

It was a simple wallet and I had opened my first wallet in Yoroi. There are no other

When did u created the wallet?

June, 26th or 27th, recently

This wallet haven’t any transactions history
Tey to delete and restore the wallet… also check carefully each word

Ok… I’ll do that. Do you if there is any chance of Yoroi help me validade the words I have here?

Nope, do not send the seed words to anyone

Unfortunately even one wrong letter will result in restoring a different wallet…