Yoroi wallet missing funds

Hi again,

could someone help me please?

17 days ago I delegated my ADA in a pool named “MELD6”. SInce then my funds are 0.

I have the following pictures, in case it helps

Could someone tell me if I lost my ada?

Thank you

Please search for one of your addresses at cardanoscan.io and check what the balance is for the Controlled Total Stake. In Yoroi check the transactions tab for any unauthorized outgoing transactions.

The delegation itself is risk free as your funds never leave your wallet and are never locked.

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Hi @Yosemite
As your first pic, your balance is zero, and as a pic that displayed on notification email (I dont know why it is not be shown here), I saw a withdrawn transaction of all your ADA by Sep 20th 03:45:39 PM (your time zone). So, I think all your ADA was be withdrawn by someone.

Hope that it is not the true.

Can you check your Yoroi extension again?
You probably restored or created a wallet with your all ADA and delegated on MELD6, then you created a second wallet and send all ADA in the first wallet account to new account by Sep 20th 03:45:39 PM (your time zone).

Hope to hear good news from you.

This has also been discussed here:

Hi @DucTiger ,

thank you for your reply.

Someone just stole my funds.

On that day, 20th of September, I just opened the account, sent the funds and delegated.

Here are the ID transactions from that day:



A hard lesson to learn but this is life.

Thank you

I am sorry to hear about that.