Lost ada from downloading yoroi extension - current balance 0. Have I been hacked or server error - please help!

Hi Cardano Community,

Really need some help! I downloaded the Yoroi extension for Chrome from a legitimate source.

On the 15th of August, I lost 5530 ADA. It states that I made a transaction to this address: addr1qyn37mw2dzjaey…05rqzdd5ejusqnn9hzp in brackets above (not mine)

I NEVER made this transaction. Im not sure if I was hacked as I downloaded the legit wallet from a legit source. Heres the situation:

  1. My balance says 0
  2. My ada rewards are still accumulating
  3. It says I am still currently staking on the Meld ISO stake pool 1
  4. When I check my ‘receive’ addresses on the cardano scan.io my balance says 0
  5. I have deleted and restored wallet multiple times with my 15 key phrase with a balance of still 0. I have NOT shared my key phrase with anybody

Can anyone suggest further steps on how to reslove this?

Thanks in advance

You still get rewards for the next 3 epochs after you clean out your wallet.

So its seems that someone had access to your wallet and that means someone had access to your seedphrase.

Thanks for your response :relaxed:. But how is this possible? I keep my seedphrase very secure.

I thought yoroi was super secure for hacks? Just want to know how this was possible so I can be more mindful next time

Yoroi is most likely not the problem.

You probably have your seed phrase stored digitally somewhere or someone in your personal space has accidentally accessed your seed.

or maybe you entered your seed on a website.