Can see balance but cant recover it

i set up a yoroi wallet and have successfully moved ada from and to different wallets.
i decided to try to stake some of my ada and followed to the best of my knowledge the details on how to do this.
i sent the ada over to a pool (i think)
i can see the balance but i cant get it back.
any help would be greatly appreicated.
i am not very knowledable in this but am trying to learn Capture1

Hello @Lettsy1973

What do you mean by “sent the ada over to a pool”? If you delegate your stake you dont have to send any of your ada anywhere. You delegate them.

And what address is that? Is this your address?


this is where im stuck. i thought it was a pool but im starting to think it is not.
from the picture i posted i can see the ada sitting their. i thought i used an address of a stake pool.
i really struggling .

From where do you have that address?

this is the transaction.this is a screen shot of my yoroi wallet
im so confused i wish id never got involved in this

If you sent the address to an unknown address the ada is probably gone.

From where did you have that address?

looking back and thinking more i think i thought i sent it to another one of my own wallets.
im so confused im not sure. i guess ive lost it

I can’t help you if you dont answer my question sorry. From where did you have that address? Did someone send it to you?

no i copied and pasted it from the yoroi wallet i have
i rememeber. i thought id set up a second wallet and transferred it to that.

Do you have more than one seedphrase?

seedphrase ? is that the set of words unique to the wallet

Yes exactly.

no i have only one set of phrases. i thought i did everything correct i moved to another of my wallets.
i remember it did show both balances for a while

Did you try to restore your wallet at ? Im not sure if you may have some funds on Shelley and some on Byron address.

so i did what you said on it shows the transactions of the account i just dont understand where the 10k units went.
would that show both shelley and Byron balances if it was sitting there.
it does show the transaction going out but where it goes i dont know.

do you think ive somehow sent it to a wallet i have no access to. so its lost forever?
i thought i was sending it to a second wallet on the same account.
looks like ive made a very silly mistake

by the way thankyou so much for this help you are giving me. this is a minefield to me.

Imo you should submit a request here : IOHK Support

Maybe they can help you to find your funds.


thankyou for your time. god bless you. stay safe well and healthy to you and all your family

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