Help - Missing ADA

Yesterday I setup a Yoroi wallet and transferred 99 ADA from exchange into it as a test.
Worked fine, selected a staking pool from yoroi and then proceeded to transfer the rest of my ADA from exchanges into yoroi.

The available funds in Yoroi look fine (no missing funds), but when I tried to use Koinly it shows 3 wallets (1 for each transfer into yoroi), and while the 3 transfers into Yoroi look fine , it also shows that initial one has having been withdrawn so a balance of 0 for that wallet no matter what I do on Koinly.

Not quite sure how to check the blockchain itself, but when I did go to and it seems to show 2 transactions making a final balance of 0 ADA.

I am worried as it appears the Cardno blockchain has a withdrawal that I never did. Seems odd that my yoroi wallet does not show any evidence of it though (I assume it would show a history of them in the transfer section).

Wondering if my staking pool selection somehow got marked as a withdrawal on ADA blockchain … is that even possible ?

Yoroi wallet on IPad, no sharing of any passwords and no transfer/withdrawals done… no other funds missing other than that one.

We’d have to know one of the staked addresses or the staking address to be able to look at it.

Thanks for responding.

Sure, although I am not sure of where to grab them or even if it has anything to do with staking.

My staking transaction shows:
From address:


The wallet I am concerned about shows 2 transactions

My concern is that this seems to show zero balance everywhere except on the yoroi wallet with a deposit followed by a transfer a few min later :frowning:

Just looked closer and found the address in yoroi wallet…


Hope this helps

That is a poolId for CNODE. We’d need one of your addresses that stakes to that pool.

I think that my address that it was staked from was in my earlier post…

This one had the 99 ADA in it :


Here is the controlled stake for your wallet - it is 912 ADA distributed over three addresses.

Yoroi has the liberty to use any of your (theoretically unlimited number of) addresses for refunds. Yoroi should display those 912 ADA. If it doesn’t, we are either not looking at the right wallet or it’s a bug in Yoroi

Thank you so much.

I am still somewhat confused but relieved.

One of my wallet address’s seemed to show 2 transactions, one into it and one out making the balance zero… not sure why that would happen.


Regardless, I really appreciate your help.


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Bob has 10 ADA (received in 1 Tx) and he wants to send 4 ADA to Alice. The wallet can only use that one unspent Tx output (UTxO). Remember, a UTxO is like a dollar bill - you can only give it to somebody else as a whole.

The Wallet will therefore construct a Tx like this …

- TxIn1 = add1TheAddressFromBobThatHoldsTheUtxO + 10 ADA
- TxOut2 = addr1SomeAddressFromAlice + 4 ADA
- TxOut3 = addr1AnArbitraryAddressFromBobForTheRefund + (6 ADA - Fees)

There are wallets where you can control all these UTxO + Address details. In your case however, Yoroi picked some arbitrary address from Bob (in the same account) for the refund.