Missing ADA funds on Shelley Wallet

I got a new phone 2 weeks ago and it didn’t transer the info of the Yoroi from the old to new phone.
I did the restore wallet and chose the shelley before typing in my recovery words in correct order.

My wallet only shows 1,083 ADA which is NOTHING of what should be there.
I have done the cardanoscan and gotten the chrome extension. They all show the same ADA number and my transaction history is correct. Just deposits and no withdraws.

How can my ADA be missing when i haven’t staked any om them? =O

Staking (delegating) does not transfer ADA from your wallet, it also does not lock it up. By staking you just grant rights to a pool to display the staked amount as part of the pool delegation which is used by the protocol that chooses the block producer. Staking is safe.

Did you track all the transactions, if there is ADA missing you should be able to see where that happened. The numbers have to add up.

There are only 4 transactions and all of them are from the exchange that i use to the wallet. The numbers add up. I’ve tried to uninstall the app multiple times but i’m starting to run out of ideas.

So Yoroi shows the wrong amount of 1,083 ADA while when you add up all the transactions from the blockchain you get the expected amount which is different from 1083 ADA ?

When i add up all the transactions from the wallet it should be the amount that was displayed in my wallet on my old phone.

I never sent anything from the Yoroi wallet since i was investing longterm.