Need help with lost funds, yoroi wallet staking

Hello Cardano community!
I´m new here cause I need help with lost funds.
Yesterday I send ada from OKX to my yoroi wallet. At first it showed correct amount (old balance + new transaction) but then it just disappeared.
Under yoroi wallet transactions I see correct amount ada recieved but its not on my balance (delegated ada) I´m quite noob at useing Cardano blockchain explorer, there are so many addresses and Ive no idea what to look there.
TXID (from OKX) :

I hope someone can help.

Your total stake amount is 11050 ADA now
The newest transaction match with this address and amount ADA of tx is 1038ADA

Hope this can help you!

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Thank you for reply.
Yes, 11050 ada should be right and that last transaction was 1038 ada but I can see under my delegated ada only 10011.665715 ADA.
Where/how did you see 11050 ada?

It could be a synchronization error of Yoroi wallet. To fix this you can use “sync manual” in your Yoroi app.
I checked your balance through
1st step: Access
2nd step: Paste your Txid into “Search” box
3rd step: U will see your stake key “stake1xxx”
4th step: click on it and will see your total ADA.

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Shortcut for you

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Cardanoscan has your full balance:

Yoroi has a reputation for often having (had) issues with syncing to the blockchain.

You can try if resyncing the wallet in the settings helps, just wait for it to go away, or try one of the other wallet apps if they even suit you more in general.

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Thank you!
I used
but cardanoscan works much better.
I will try to sync it manually.

I will try to find that sync settings but what wallet app works the best? Yoroi have logged of sometimes and I have to use my seed phrase to restore it, very strange.

I do recommand to use Typhon or Eternl. Imo Typhon has abit better UX for new users.

I will check it out :beers:

And resync did the trick!
Balance is correct now.

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