My yoroi summary total ADA did not show ADA balance, only show ADA reward

my yoroi summary total ADA did not show ADA balance, only show ADA reward. i have my ada staking in Yoroi, ADA balance being tranferred out on 10 Oct 2021 without my authority, i checked the blockchain is still showing in the blockchain. what happened ? is this normal ? or it is hidden in somewhere, if yes how to retrieve ?
I email ada support for one week, still no news, terrible support.

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Yoroi has sync issues and in some cases ADA balance and rewards are not showing up.
Check your stake address at for your total balance. If it shows there you are ok.
You can also try to restore your wallet in another app like or

hi thanks so much, i am not at, under filter what should i key in to check my total balance ?

*i am now in

Use one of youe receiving addresses and then press your stake address that contains all addresses

HI tried copy and pasted receiving address as per your guide, still showing balance is zero, controlled total stake is only the stake award figures.

At Controlled Total Stake you should see the total balance of your wallet, if only your rewards are there then something is wrong!
Search the date that ADA balance was gone for out txs

Hi adalite balance also showing zero, only show stake award balance. i think my ADA is gone without my authority.

i searched it was out on 10 oct 2021. but what can i do as it had out, except seeing the out address.

you see the screenshot.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do if they were stolen since you didn’t send them somewhere else…

i store seeding, spending PW in paper, i do not understand why my ADA can be missing in the air.

the ADA being out on 10 Oct which is around epoch 295 time, why am i still receiving reward for epoch 296 ?

Rewards are 2 epochs behind. On epoch 296 you received rewards for staking on epoch 294

i know, the top row of screen shot is reward for epoch 296, which is after my ada missing date.

you see the screen shot now, the missing ADA total 202 units split into address type internal, external. also weird, if sent by me how can i able to send internal ? what is the meaning of internal ?

my ADA missing date: 10 Oct 2021.

An external address is in another wallet and an internal one is in your wallet.
Check those address to see where your funds went to