ADA balance in Yoroi wallet not fluctuating (in either direction)

I’ve had my ADA staking in Yoroi for about a week now. But the balance of my ada hasnt changed once. Not my rewards, just my general ADA balance. Im wondering if this is normal, maybe it i wont see any changes until the epoch when I receive my first rewards…
Any advice would be great.


You will receive staking rewards (if the pool produces a block) 2 epochs later (10 days later).

Yeah Alex is correct if that is your first delegation than it’s 4 epochs.

I get that about the staking rewards, but i thought the balance of my ada fluctuated with the market. So say I had 1000$ worth of ada, and ada’s value went from 3.50 to the 3.25 my 1000 would decrease accordingly

Where in Yoroi does it show a $ equivalent? For me it displays just the amount of ADA.

same here. but that number hasnt changed either. its stayed 581.736659 for a week

Maybe you are misinterpreting something. I guess that is your ADA balance?

Does it say 581.736659 ADA ?

yessir. it says Total ADA 581.736659 ADA Total Delegated 581.736659 ADA

Ok. That’s your ADA balance. It displays how much ADA you own.

ADA is not related to USD. You need to get the market price and calculate it yourself. Like getting the current ADA price from coingecko:

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but shouldnt that number still be changing? it hasnt changed once, even as the current ADA price has been changing?

That number is the number of your coins… the number will be the same even ada price is fluctuating … because the number of coins will be always the same… it will change only if u add/remove coins to/from the wallet

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ah, that makes sense. thanks!