Decreasing staking reward and no staking reward

Hello everyone,

I am relatively new into Cardano staking and got confused about my rewards recently. Since I am recieving rewards from my stake-pool they seem to decrease every epoch. Is this normal? I should mention that my pool is not even close to being saturated.
Also, in one epoch I did not get a reward at all according to the graph.

I uploaded a screenshot to give you an idea. The reward rises once because I bought more ada at that point but starts decreasing again now.


Sorry if this is self explanatory, like I said, I am new to the staking and still learning.



this looks healthy as long as it averages to ~5% RoA (return of ADA over a year) over the long run. I guess the ROA for the candles was bigger than 5%. If this is true thus an epoch where no blocks are minted is healthy.

Happy saking.


or maybe more delegators joined to the pool and same reward goes now to more delegators