Decreasing staking reward and no staking reward

Hello everyone,

I am relatively new into Cardano staking and got confused about my rewards recently. Since I am recieving rewards from my stake-pool they seem to decrease every epoch. Is this normal? I should mention that my pool is not even close to being saturated.
Also, in one epoch I did not get a reward at all according to the graph.

I uploaded a screenshot to give you an idea. The reward rises once because I bought more ada at that point but starts decreasing again now.


Sorry if this is self explanatory, like I said, I am new to the staking and still learning.



this looks healthy as long as it averages to ~5% RoA (return of ADA over a year) over the long run. I guess the ROA for the candles was bigger than 5%. If this is true thus an epoch where no blocks are minted is healthy.

Happy saking.


or maybe more delegators joined to the pool and same reward goes now to more delegators


Don’t know if anyone picks up on this thread again, but I have a similar question.

Been staking on Yoroi via cold storage ledger for about 4 months now.

Seemed to work ok and the rewards were accurate so decided to double my total amount of ADA on the ledger, so double the amount staked on Yoroi.

After 2 weeks I noticed the Yoroi wallet didn’t sync with the ledger so my total amount of ADA wasn’t updated. And I didn’t receive the double amount of ADA staking rewards I was expecting.

Fixed it by doing the sync manually, total amount of ADA is now correct but still not receiving more staking rewards and it’s been about 3 weeks since I did the sync.

For example (not the real numbers) If I calculate that I should approx. get 20 ADA every 5 days at a rate of about 3.5%. I am now only getting between 4 and 8 which is about 1 or 1,5%.

It appears that me doubling my ADA holdings didn’t have any effect on the rewards.

I am staking with Eco pool and as far as I can tell there are no problems with the pools working… I think…

Thx in advance for any advice or help.

Grts Kris

If the display in the wallet app – Yoroi or any other – is synced or not does not matter. Wallet apps are just interfaces to the blockchain. What matters is when the transaction doubling your funds was recorded on the chain.

As when you first started staking, it takes 15 to 20 days until a higher stake results in higher rewards arriving in your wallet.

That is because: The stake is registered in a snapshot on the next epoch boundary (0 to 5 days in the future), it is active from the second to the third epoch boundary (5 to 10 days after the snapshot), and rewards calculated and finally paid out 5 days/one epoch after the end of the active epoch (15 days after the snapshot, 15 to 20 days after you changed the funds).

Such a delay occurs with all changes. If you move away funds, you will also still get higher rewards for three epoch boundaries.

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Thank you for this very helpful explanation!

Did not realize the waiting period was the same as for the start of delegating.

Used to stake on an exchange before so…

Should see the new staking rewards pretty soon then.
Thanks again.

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