Cardano staking rewards problem

Hey Guys i am creating this topic because there’s something i cant understand even with my average knowledge about pools etc… I’m stacking over 100k ada to a pool and the rewards i have been getting are waaaay lower than what’s expected while the pool is doing good building blocks! Is there anyone that could explain me what’s going on? here are the last 2 epochs results and note that for those 2 epochs while staking 100k ada i got 19 and 20 ada return so 39 ada in total which is like 0.0020% per epoch which is like a negligible return…

|Epoch|Epoch Stake|Active Stake|Pool Size|DelegatorRewards|PoolRewards|MintedBlocks|Interest|

|219|123.62m ₳|155.33m₳|0.77%|126,396.041855 ₳|1,616.727695 ₳|79|5.94%|

|218|125.24m ₳|143.63m₳|0.79%|110,823.747773 ₳|1,459.431795 ₳|68|5.632%|

shouldn’t i be getting around 60+ per epoch? the pool seems great and is making a lot of blocks so i don’t know whats causing this low income.

Any advice/help would be really apreciated!

Thank you!

Hey @Alexk1ou

Did you started with less than 100k when you delegated the first time and maybe added some of your ada after a while? Do you have stats for epoch 217 and 216 aswell?


Hello Zyroxa,

Thanks for the quick response here’s the 217 and 216 epoch results also its true the first time i staked to the pool i put 25k ada but by the end of that epoch i had already put the remaining 75k from my wallet so by the end of the epoch that pool had 100k ada delegated by me and i was waiting for the next 3 epochs to pass so i can get the rewards. I didn’t make this topic on the results of the first epoch reward because i though that the low income(19 ada reward)was due to what you are saying but after i passed a full 100k ada delegated epoch and seeing the same income(20 ada reward) that’s when i made the topic to shed some light on my case

|217|155.33m ₳|124.03m₳|0.992%|65,124.488095 ₳|997.823112 ₳|38|3.833%|

|216|143.63m ₳|105.75m₳|0.958%|84,354.004675 ₳|1,192.060653 ₳|47|5.823%|

It takes time until your addtional 75k takes effect.

Means :
in the epoch you add the ada nothing happens.
in the next epoch your ada is included in the snapshot
in the next epoch your ada may produce blocks
in the next epoch your rewards are being caluclated and paid out at the end of the epoch

So you see it takes 3 epochs until you see your rewards for your 100k ada :slight_smile:

I hope that makes sense for you, if not feel free to ask whats unclear to you.


Hi again so it means that in the next epoch i should be getting 3x-4x the rewards i got right? (Since i’ve delegated 4x the ADA)if not i will seek some more help here. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your help!

Have a great day!

Yep it takes about 15-19,99~ days (depends if you delegated right after an epoch or just at the start of a new epoch) until you get your new rewards after you changed your stake. :slight_smile:


It also depends on the pool. Some have been luckier than others.

Some pools have an annualized return of 0% whine the better ones are about 5%.

It is wrong, almost everybody would get an annualised return around 6%, if they create their block when it is scheduled (assuming they have pledge > ~20k and even no any stake), even only they create only one block a year, ofc if they have that chance (one block a year) and do not miss that when it is scheculed.
As an example a pool with only 21k pledge and nothing else, are expected a block in a year and if it scheduled, and made it will have ~6% of that 21k, even if it wont create in that year it will averages out for more years e.g. in 2 or 3 or 4 etc.

Thank you very much for your input.

I got 25k ada i delgeted to a pool after 2 weeks i still got 0 rewards how is this possible

You’re not gonna get anything in the first couple weeks.

You put it in, then week two they take a picture. At this point you’ve been in there two weeks and you should not expect anything.

I believe it’s about another three weeks until you get the reward from the very first week

Thats not exactly correct :slight_smile:

Q: When do i receive my staking rewards?

A: Lets assume you delegated during epoch 200. Untill the end of that epoch nothing will happen.
In epoch 201 your stake is included in the current snapshot.
In epoch 202 your stake may will produce blocks.
In epoch 203, your rewards are calculated and paid out at the end of that epoch. The rewards will also be included in the next snapshot and thus be staked.

Remember 1 epoch = 5 days.


Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t realize it took an additional epoch for rewards calculation and payout.

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