No staking reward


The first times i got staking rewards. but sometimes and now last times i checked and i got not more ada.
whats the reason for that?
did they pay with a long delay or did i get nothing this time?

@Cardanoboy Wich pool do you delegate to?

Lift is the name , now its back green 2 weeks ago it was orange i think.
i started begin augustus and got 1000 ada rewarded.
i think that i got sometimes no reward?

It’s because some epochs they don’t make a block. But over time their ROA is about average, 5%. If you want more consistent payouts go with a larger pool (more stake).

for me is it a little bit chinese :slight_smile:
so sometimes the pool is not have created a full block ?
so its possible that the epoche later , the reward is double? or is that not possible?

Yes. Let’s say the pool have enough stake to create one block per epoch. There will be epochs where the pool won’t create any blocks (0 rewards) and others when it will create 2 (or more) blocks for 2x (or more) rewards. As @RobJF mentioned it before, a well performing pool will average out between 5 and 6% in the long term.

That’s right, except what I meant is that this pool is already averaging 5%, according to

Aah oke thanks for the info.

What if everything is staked in a few years?

Reserves for reward lasts for ~150 years, and by the time we are reaching even much more less than that time (would say in ~20-30yrs) I think that the appreciation of ADA (and the native tokens too) together with the few K per sec tx throughput would cover similar ROI, assuming Cardano would survive for long term.

Aah oke,

you think that cardano can go easy over the 2 dollar?
I was thinking that with staking that the price of 1 cardano was alot higher.
I got the feeling that the people are hopping to other coins?

I have already told it several times if Bitcoin could go 20k with 21m BTC with 8 decimal point precision, means 2.110^15 satoshis versus ADA 45bn with 6 dp precision means 4.510^17 so ADA only 214 times bigger, meaning it could reach 93 USD if BTC can reach 20k.

Ofc, it is unrealistic until Cardano fulfill its all promisses which I think at least 10 or 15 yrs.

Lol 93 dollar, I hope it. But I am happy with 5 :slight_smile:

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this time also no reward :frowning:

As I already said:


What are good pools?
Can you see if lift is a bad pool?


Is lift good or bad if I check with that site?
For me is that Chinese

I’m sorry but I believe people who want to invest should be willing and able to educate themselves about the areas in which they are interested. This is not a savings account. Do your own research!

However, just to get you started, I can tell you that LIFT seems to have no problems except that it is very small and therefore rewards will vary a lot between epochs. You want more consistency, move to a bigger pool (as I said before).

Aah oke, thanks for the info

i got 0 ada in the last 30 days by lift ? must i go to another pool ? is it a bad pool ? or must i wait?
i got 979 ada with this pool and last 30 days nothing ?