264 just ended question on rewards

Hello, I have this pool:

Registered on May 2

Back during epoch 263:

I had only 2.47K live but I increased it:

It ran during Epoch 264 with 9.39K.

Still 0 rewards. Is this because:

  1. I need to wait 1 more epoch, so when 265 ends I should see profits likely?


  1. I just didn’t have enough staked still and the dice didn’t roll in my favor this time.


Hi @andrewarrow,

You only get rewards when you mint a block with your pool.

The stake needed for your pool to find 1 block on average each epoch is about 1 million ada. So a 100k stake will move your average odds to 1 block each 10 epochs.

i see i see, so running these 3 pools I have going with about 10k ada each isn’t going to yield anything. I’d be better off running just one with 30k and then promoting it, trying to get others to delegate and get closer to 100k or 1 million.


or, just delegating my 30k ada I have to some other pool… plot thickens!

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U can split the wallet, half to a small pool and half to a pool which will provide returns…

Of course is ur money and the right to choose

If u need more infos or a pool I can help u :slight_smile:


It all depends on why you want to run a pool (or multiple pools). Some people run a pool because they like doing it. Some people run a pool because it is a way to learn how the system works. Others run a pool because they just want to help the network. Besides all these reasons, if you also want to make some profits then my “stake divided by 1 million” trick easily helps you calculate if you would make any money.

Just what ever you do, most important part is to stake your ada (in my opinion); whether it is in your own pool or someone else’s pool, that’s up to you.

Yes just leaving ADA unstaked is such a waste! So is my math right here:

25k stake = 1 block each 40 epochs. ~7 months
50k stake = 1 block each 20 epochs. ~4 months
100k stake = 1 block each 10 epochs. ~2 months

So I could in theory just wait about 7 months and get rewards that way. i.e. I’m not wasting my ADA by leaving a “small” amount (i.e. 25k) in my own pool. It will earn a reward at some point and then I didn’t go even a single day with that 25k unstaked. It was staked the entire time, just took 7 months or so to finally yield anything.

Yes the calculations are right. Little blog that explains it:

I have 200k stake and have been waiting 2,5 months and still no block. So yes, statistically this is correct but it is just average statistics. The chances of throwing heads is 50% but you can easily flip the coin 10 times and don’t get heads.

And even if you get the rewards every 7 months you might want to make a profit too, no? Whether you actually will be making a profit depends on the costs of running your pool for 7 months.

You should definitely just delegate instead of running a pool. If you do ever mint a block it won’t be enough to pay the expense of running the pool.

thanks everyone. I ended up (don’t laugh) moving all my ada back to coinbase and just converting it to algorand.

Does anyone see a major proof-of-stake one I missed in that list?

Running my ada nodes for a few weeks was great learning experience. But in the end if I just wanted to make around 6% return, coinbase ALGO does that for me ez right?

Bad decision,

Delegate ur ADA to my pool and u will earn 5% free ada per year without doing nothing (rewards are paid epochly - 5 days)


Everybody is free to make his/her own choice. good luck! If you come back I will be happy to help you find a pool, no questions asked :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll have to agree with Alex. Delegating your stake to a non big pool that is proven to mint; provide rewards is a better option than moving it back to CoinBase and paying more fees. My pool got lucky and recently minted 1 block.

Of course like ADA4Good said, it is your decision and your coins that could translate to $$ for your situation and goals…