26 Epochs and No Rewards

I staked my Ada almost three months ago. Twenty six epochs have passed, and so far no rewards. Is this normal? I am just trying to figure out what to expect.


Hmm, to which pool did u delegated?
Go to your wallet, to receive section, copy one address and paste it on cardanoscan.io and u should see the rewards info (bellow total stake infos)

I am staked on the Aklei pool. I checked, and they have not produced any blocks in this time.

I am confused, because what I have read is that one should expect rewards after a few epochs.

Any clarity you can provide, would be appreciated. I tried searching for info that would clarify things, but have come up short.


The delegators will receive rewards only if the pool will create blocks… if the pool didn’t created any block then no rewards for delegators

I understand that, but is it normal to produce no blocks for 26 epochs, or is that just colossal bad luck?

Small amount staked + bad luck can lead to this situation

They only pulled one block. 4 months ago. Try delegating to a pool with ~10M staked. Or stay with them and wait. It all depends if you’re in it for the $, or for decentralization and loyalty. Depends on how much value the pool brings you besides ADA return$…

Come on @PhirePhlame, thats very unreasonable.

Why would I want to drive through a dead-end road…?

You do can eat your cake and have it too; so why not?


I hear you, but I give my delegators something worth much more than 5% ROI and none have left yet. Hell, if I was in it for the $, I woulda delegated my 100,000. Not run a pool and pay for electricity, relays, nodes, marketing, promo, etc. PLUS I’d actually have a life, then lol…

Probably the problem is that he doesn’t even get the 5% ROA for starters, let alone much more.

In actuallity it’s a deadpool…

Someone should get the tiny/very-tiny SPO’s and put them to work together.

It wouldn’t hurt the network and could strenghten the community.


I would like to. My only requests are to retain my pool’s name and ticker, and to split the 340 up in comparison to our pledges.

IDK how many pools are active ATM, but for sure if a group of SPO’s give a shoutout to CF about that they might help.

Give it a try if you wil.


I just want to say I really admire you for your loyalty. I don’t have any suggestion regarding should you move or stay. But, thumbs up… :+1:

Yeah, I do not want to bail on the pool operators. I know and like them, and want to support their endeavor. I am just hoping that I will eventually make some sort of reasonable return.


I would assume that like myself, on average over a year they should pull a block every 10 epochs (~120k Active Stake and 0.1 blocks estimated per epoch).

That’s around 7 per year. Now this could be from one each of the next 7 epochs, or one in each of the next 7 months. It’s all based on luck. I created my pool 9 epochs ago and like my chances. Good luck!

The last reward 283 epochs ago? How does that happen? This is not your pool?

It is. I have 0 blocks, so my last reward was never (283 epochs ago) lol. It says that since registration and until you pull one.