Get reward without delegators

I have run a pool with cardano-cli
After few days i don’t have any delegators yet
Do I get any rewards after epoch time (5 days)?

Only if you were able to produce a block in the epoch.

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Thank you
What does it depend on?
Server config? Luck?

The more live stake you have in your pool, the higher the chance that you are assigned a block.

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How can I increase live stake?
And Do I have to stake any ADA in my pool?

By increasing the pledge or by attracting delegators :slight_smile:

you dont have to but it would make sense of course :sweat_smile:

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Thank you again
How can I increase the pledge?
This stake pool have 0 pledge: [GINO] Cargino Stake Pool | Cardano Staking / Explorer
But this pool can get rewards

Maybe @Alexd1985 can you help out here as im not running a stake pool myself :slight_smile:

As i said you dont have to increase the pledge if you are able to attract delegators somehow.

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Hello, it depends on how much stake you got, you could have only 1 delegator (yourself) and if you got around 1 million ADA staked you are going to produce blocks and get rewarded

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U must submit a new certificate with the new pledge

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1 milion ada?! about 500.000$?

Can you help me more or send to me articles?
Thank you

coincashew guide or cntools?

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Hey @a2d3d I suggest you read through this article on the official cardano website: Cardano | Stake Pool Operation

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Yes, 1 million ADA is the stake needed to produce approximately one block per epoch. You will sometimes get to produce a block with less, but if it is much less than there is a lot of luck involved.

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I think its even more. Somewhere around 2-2,5m ADA to produce ~1 block per epoch.

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@Zyroxa @HeptaSean @robinboening I go to Staking calculator and set Run a stake pool tab
And I set Pledge amount and Stake pool daily fixed fee to 0 and the result is ₳ 77,805.554263 reward per year.
And reward breakdown for first epoch is 1,185
Is it correct ?!

You have to enable advanced options. Your calcuation is based on a fully saturated pool.



You can reduce the rewards formula to this:

(pool_stake * #slots) / total_stake = Chance of getting a block

So for 10,000 coins in the pool you get:

(10000 * 21600) / 23537012833 = 00.92% OR inverse, 1 block every 109 Epochs (544 days).

And that is just to reach 50% luck. Our YYC pool is now reaching 70% luck with no blocks.

Cardano is designed to run with 500 pools and currently we are around 3200 pools. Its not bad to have more but that just means the rewards are not going to be consistent for us smaller pools.


This is so bad
I think it is long time to back cost of server to me