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Hello to the community, I am running a stake pool for several months now and the stake of the pool is between 100k-200k. I have never mined a block ,although our lifetime stake is about 2.60mil. Am I missing something? Am I just unlucky? ( As long I know I have never missed a block and I have never assigned as a slot leader too). Its pretty unfair from my perspective.

Take a look at pool’s stats :

Pool ID: f765c73fa3700f6fa735310ebc0255265613db23fd7bb14e8d84e795

Either your poolid is wrong or your pool is not registered - see pool.vet

Its pool.vet problem :confused:

I think if you can get around 2 mill stake you will start producing blocks. It’s not an easy business, you really need to market your pool. This is why you see so many youtube influencers running stake pools. Maybe consider who your target market is, and what your pool can offer them, and how you can market your pool better to those delegators.

true - they have a notice now that they have issues.

Bad luck is a possibility. I’ve got a block with 55K a couple of epochs ago. However, you’ve quite some low pledge. Higher pledge increases your chances.

It’s time for K parameter to become 1000 (2000 would be even better…) to really start a mass redelegation to small pools.
Till then, welcome aboard our unbelievable-efforts-to-have-15%-probability-and-periodically-f****d-by-literally-every-other-pool-even-10K-ones SmallSPOs’ boat!!
Check out VICIS pool and our brilliant start!!! :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: :sob:

Dear community,

I have the same issue, my pool is not minting blocks according to:
Cardano PoolTool - The most comprehensive staking statistics for Cardano on the web.

According to the staking calculator:
Staking calculator (cardano.org)

A pool with a pledge amount of ₳ 20.000.- should make
₳ 77,185.054263 yearly wich is 385.9253%

Did I understood something wrong? What can I do to improve this situation?
Thank you in advance.

A pool with 20k in pledge and no delegators will make exactly 0 ADA. The calculator assumes a saturated pool, i.e. with 64M in stake, so it’s overly optimistic. You need to work very hard to bring delegators to your pool, otherwise you have no chance of ever getting a block.

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Hi IPIB_Pool, thank you very much for the clarification. This helps a lot. I must have overlooked that calculator assumes a saturated pool, with 64M ADA in stake, I though just running a pool may be compensated since it creates quite some costs.