Block luck

Hi guys, i’m running a stake pool since end of march. Until yet i got no blocks. The last 3 epoch we had a live stake of 400k ADA.
Leaderlog shows never a block. We never missed a block. shows that everything is ok.
I don’t know what could be wrong.
Is it really only bad luck :sweat_smile:

Yes I believe so, its bad luck :slightly_frowning_face: . Whats your ticker? I saw you mentioned Live Stake. Remember Live Stake is not taken into consideration until it’s Active.

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My ticker is SUDTI! Yes sorry i mean active stake . My current live stake is now 200k ADA. Some delegator left the Pool !

our first block was after 8 epochs and then 2nd one was after 3 epochs I think. Our pool also had close to 350K and then no blocks for 11 or 12 epochs and just like you, few delegators left.
But its very unfortunate that you had been waiting for so long. I’ve seen some pool had 1000 pledge (I understand pledge doesn’t count, but active stake does) and maybe few hundred in delegation. They were lucky and able to mint a block within a day or 2 after they registered.

I checked and seems everything is functional. Have you checked logs and did you setup cncli?

Yeah i check and all metrics each day. In the log there is nothing strange. Cncli is setup correctly.
Also on they show hat we never missed a block.
It‘s really strange that we need to wait so long.
I also created a 3 node in a other country for a better response time.

But the situation don‘t change

Sorry about that, unfortunately it’s the protocol, that picks the pools that mint blocks and it’s purely luck. This is a good blogpost that explains about block slot lottery.

Adding a 3rd node will help with better response time to mint a block, if you get one. But it doesn’t help with getting a block.

This is a good calculator, you enter your total stake and pledge and then check the checkbox " Show Detail of Last Simulation", gives you an idea that given the amount of active stake how many blocks you get and more…

Cardano Reward Calculator - Dynamic Strategies