Not receiving block rewards

Could be a false alarm and I have just gotten unlucky but I received my first block about 8 epochs ago and haven’t received since. I have almost 300k ADA delegated in my pool and my expected rewards seem to be much higher than real world. My run times have been good and to my knowledge I am doing everything right. My pool ticker is TAPIA, if anyone could help check if I have any problems or at least help my understand how I would know there is an issue that would be great. Im still learning so any help would be appreciated.

You are very lucky to have 1 block. Many small SPO are still at 0 blocks. If you have CNCLI leader log installed, you can try running that to determine if you have assigned a block. It just takes time. Below are the metrics i see on and they’re correct.

1 Million ada delegated will get you a block a month on average from what i’ve seen.

Here another recent post referencing minting.